Saturday, April 24, 2010

Someone was asking

where we were? :D We were famouse even back them :D

Look, they missed us :) I don't know if they missed us as people....or just as more helpers :D

Here is a picture of the yard...lovely tombstones aren't they ;)

And the other picture is of my sister (we look a lot alike...the big difference is she is younger and thinner and cuter and nicer than me...she is the good twin :D) ....she ditched them and headed up to Oregon a few years later...she was my partner in crime on the beginnings of the Davis Graveyard about 15 years ago. I believe she dreams of black paint in her sleep :)


  1. Ah, memories! And haven't you come a long way since those beginnings.

  2. I love that you're sharing these with us! It inspires me!


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