Friday, April 16, 2010

Take two they are small

the second LOLcat this week. Mostly because the next few days of my life will be consumed (who am I kidding.....that last week of my life has been) by a very big and cool wine auction. Gotta raise money for the kids!

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BTW - Anyone that I have ever dissed for their taste in music can have revenge. When ever I am working on stuff for this event (which is for a local children's hospital) and my co-conspirator on this project reminds me why we are doing all this?

"We are doing it for the kids!" Every time she says it, this song runs through my head

there, I did it....I admitted in public that I am a HUGE Robbie Williams fan. Not proud, but I am. :D


  1. That cat is 2 CUTE!!!

    Happy Veekend!

    CK :-))

  2. Lots of luck with your auction. A very worthy cause. We'll just overlook the Robbie Williams thing.


  3. Sending you good energy for a great auction!!

  4. I forgot you liked Robbie so much and I hope the wine auction went well!

    I fear however that I will have nightmares tonight of huge floating lips...

  5. Banshee - I hear you on the Kyle thing....I said I was a Robbie fan....not a big fan of her music.

    Auction went well - thanks everyone for their support!



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