Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Actually that spider

does not look very dead at all :D Actually it looks very much alive...almost as if was crawling towards me.....(shudder)

I ordered a few items from one of my favorite haunters and a very talented artist Angie at Dead Spider.

They arrived nicely wrapped with this cool wax seal on the package. Very elegant, I like!

I ordered some magnets for myself and some skull beads for my friend Pam who made me this cool bracelet last year.....I thought with all her crafty talent she could find a use for them.

So in honor of my recent purchase I am trading out my Etsy link again to feature her creepy cool stuff. Check it out!


  1. Oh... you are so sweet. Can you see me blushing from here? :) Thank you so much for the kind words!!
    .. I drew that spider, and it creeps me out too. Silly, but I never want to touch the back of the cards when I see that little spider on there.

  2. You are welcome! Love yoru stuff and definately will be ordering more...the dragons are ADORABLE!!!!


  3. Very nice, now we must have Angie begin selling pinned Black Widows that we can send to you like candygrams Froggie!


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