Friday, April 2, 2010

I think about it now

and I find it impossible to believe that years ago when were were in Scotland in the Sterling area out touring around and seeing the sights, at the end of a long day the drive pulled up to this castle and we were thinking....."okay looking castle, but we have see a few today, let's just get out and snap a few photos from the bus and call it good."

So, as we unenthusiastically get out of our seats and head out of the bus, the driver gives us a bit of history on Doune Castle.....built in blah, blah.. by the blah blah clan....attached in blah blah....and then finally he says "But it is more famous for appearing in the Monty Phyton film the Holy Grail."

Really!!!! :))))

All of a sudden there is a change of plans and we pick up pace and barrel off towards the castle.

We had a great time saying the lines from the movie and taking pictures....I know that our driver (Derek) had to be shaking his head going....."Americans!" :D

We didn't care, we had a great time.....all but husband, cause for some crazy reason, he is not a big Phyton fan - I know, I love him anyway :)

I know that is not even remotely Halloween related....but I had to share.


  1. That's so cool! Of course this is Halloween related! They built a giant wooden rabbit. Great prop building skills there!

  2. How could anyone NOT be a Monty python fan??? the horror, the horror!!!!!

  3. Love it, love it, love it. I have never been overseas to see a castle for myself. Yet. Until I can, I enjoy seeing other people's pictures!


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