Monday, April 26, 2010

We started in reverse

well, it appears that way. We both say we will never have a walk through haunt because that is how we started.....we originally worked on this haunt with our friends. Over 20 years later, we still remember that we "don't want to do that ever again" :D

We are lucky to have a real fence that keeps all the props in the yard safe from people. Not cats, though, Hal still has this thing for using tombstones or the front of the abbey facade as a scratching post.


  1. You must have the World's most understanding neighbours. The miserable Marvin's around our area would call the police, complain about the crowds and you'd be told you'd have to shut it down permanently.

    I think it's amazing that years on, you're going from strength to strength and are more popular than ever.


  2. Ive always wanted to host in a haunted garage, but the damn thieves in Oceanside will never allow me to make that a reality, we are scared enough putting out decorations!


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