Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Oh no!

Poor Propmaster! The first DVD in the Home Haunters DVD set has a sound problem. There appears to be no audio on most DVD players. Husband even tried to make a copy on our end to save Propmaster the trouble of having to send another one. But after three tries, he gave up.

Prop asked anyone that has the DVDs to send him a 1 cent paypal payment so he could generate a shipping label. But we know that he is not making any money off these DVDs and that make and shipping a new disk is definitely more than 1 cent. We sent him some extra. If any of you haunters that have the DVDs and are getting a replacement can send more than the 1 cent he is asking for, I am sure he would appreciate it.

I am being completely selfish here in asking this....because I don't want him to get too discourage about the videos and not do them next year!!! :D I don't mind handling the awards, but I do not relish the idea of making all those DVDs!!! Makes my head hurt. :)

Thanks everyone....now back to prop making!!


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