Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Look! Two years later

in 2004 I think we made some improvements with our next attempt at a crypt, at least you can see something of a spark of what the yard is today.....this new crypt, which we affectionately called the "Guard Box", is actually still around in town somewhere....we sold it to a local family who then sold it again to someone else....some mistakes haunt you forever. (pun intended) :D

Actually, the detail on this crypt is pretty nifty. We did try a bit of aging as you can see on the sides, and our attempt at a decaying slate roof is amusing, but the best part (which is barely visible in these photos) is the detail work that Toph did on the front entrance, he carved some strange glyphs and created the "legs" on the front. He also did some force perspective painting on the inside to make it look like there was a stairway down inside the crypt.

This particular piece is a b*tch to set up. The pieces on the inside are all slanted to help the illusion of distance and the strip pieces on the corners on the outside are are Velcroed to the foam (which by the way is a BAD idea - live and learn) The roof is awkward to set up and is very "kite like" on a windy day, lots of bits of wire shaped like a "U" are pressed in the foam to hold it to the structure.

We learned a LOT from this piece. Mainly, crypt building was getting old....this being our third attempt....we really did not want to build one again for a long time. So a lot of planning went into our fourth and current crypt.

The light bulb also went off in my head that I have this very fancy fence around my whole yard, adding another large fence around was distracting and just took up space (not to mention hard to set up on our sloping yard.)

So I ditched the idea...for now. :)

I am sure you are asking yourself why this trip down memory lane? :) Just another Frog Queen folly!

Current Davis Graveyard Mausoleum circa 2008


  1. You guys take talent to a new level! Can't wait for Halloween 2010 to see your haunt!

  2. I love it. I'd love to have something like that around my town.

  3. OOOOO poor guard box! It's probably hosting someone's road kill about now! It is styrofoam, right?

  4. William - yes, almost everything we make is from foam...including our full size hearse. :0

    Dawn....yeah, the balls were a bad idea also....they are long gone thank you very much! Okay, I could make all kinds of jokes there....but I will be good today :D



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