Thursday, April 29, 2010

So why do you

people keep sending me these spider things!?!??!

I thought you were my friends?!

Courtesy of Max

ShellHawk sent me this one

And Johnny Thunder sent me this one.....

Hummmmm....I think I need new blog friends! :D

Seriously though, thanks everyone, nice to be is love right?


  1. That "spider" chasing the woman is so funny! Excellent Halloween costume!!

    And as for the first really gave me a chance to see how a spider's legs all work independently of one another. .they don't follow along, one after another, with the two middle pairs providing the most power. Interesting! lol

  2. Hey, hey....
    I've never sent you a spider.

    I do like the animation, however.

  3. LOL! Sorry - I'll try harder next time! :)

  4. Here is something calming for you.:)

  5. But did you see THIS?? m(link below)

    Besides I watch traffic cameras and those spiders look like something from a 50's sci-fi movie on a 50 inch monitor with the highway traffic behind it...yes I've been known to yelp when I see one on the monitor!!

  6. LOL! Stop it with the spiders people!!!

    Actually, that one getting the cricket is distrubingly cool!!

    Really spiders on traffic cameras....gotta go Google that one!

    And the pictures....yeah, not even going to click on anything after the first, not with out any oxygen mask nearby!


  7. Alrighty I couldn't find any photos...I have one from work, but I'm not sure I'm allowed to post stuff i will find a way ba ha ha ha

    .but are you hungry??

  8. At least online spiders are safer than the one CRAWLING DOWN YOUR SHOULDER!!1


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