Wednesday, April 7, 2010

The next step

So after husband cast me some skull faces and epoxied them on, he then too Fix-It and filled in the area around the skull face. He did it in a square to match the square pattern already there so that it looks more natural.

Then husband cast me a small skull to replace the brass piece on the lid for opening the bucket. Much better now. Also took a bit of Fix-It to smooth out around the base of the skull.
This was done on all four panels of the ice bucket. Why is the frog queen making a Holloweenified ice bucket? Well, we have a lot of parties and events at the graveyard and I am always just putting the ice in a bowl...mostly because I could not find an ice bucket I liked. After years of searching it became apparent that I was never going to find one and I needed to make one myself....hence this folly!
Now I just need to take the dremel and sand out the Fix-It and skulls to remove the seams and edges - then we are off to a couple coats of paint and we are done!


  1. You have the best hubby ever, how creative and gothicly darling.

  2. He is super nice....I was going to do the Fix-It work myself, but I came home from work the other day and he had done it for me!! Gonna keep this one! :)


  3. Love it, love it! You guys ROCK! Ya'll should be designing your own Halloween line for Target or Grandin Road! :o)


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