Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Up close

and personal pictures of the graveyard circ 2002.

See another lovely store bought tombstone...and look at the great paint work on my tombstones...that was before I discovered "aging". And notice over in the far right top corner...yes that is a blucky hanging in the tree.

Notice also the midget mud monks that are less than 5 feet tall....not very scary.

Now the moss glued on is not bad.....just needed a bit more painting "aging" on the columns. Oh and nice store bought plaque above the crypt.....and yes that is a dummy with a wedding dress in the crypt. Just stuffed the dress with paper and put a wig on a wig head :)

Why am I only doing these two at a time? Because that is about all I can scan before my eyes start to burn :D


  1. I happen to love it! :-)
    Hey, our past work is what it was, our future work is what it will be, and we should be proud all the way through! I NEVER see a past work that I can now do better as some kind of failure; I despise that notion. And good gravy, our WORST work ever is still light years more relevant, enjoyable and proper than any of those insidious, evil inflatab -- I can't even say it! *gag*

  2. AMAZING! I am still in awe you do this. Like, not just do your yard up, but actually create this stuff too. It's inspiring!

  3. You are cracking me up woman. You know how many people TRY to make it look that good?!?! It only hurts YOU to look at it... just remember, when the rest of us look at our yards from 2002, we probably see inflatables or some such crap, LOL!

  4. hey, everybody has to start somewhere and if we could all start where you did, most of us would be as good as we're gonna' get!

  5. Damn sight better than I could do. Honestly, about all I can make is a mess! Salut!


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