Monday, June 7, 2010

Gardens are usually

bright colorful places full of plants that have lovely names like Dalia, Delphinium, Lady's Mantel, Swan flower, Inca lily....soft and lovely.

Leave it to me to buy: a rose called Black Magic (I think I now have two), a tomato called Black Prince and a black bell pepper (Mavras Bell).

I could say I that the name had nothing to do with influencing my buying decision....but I would be lying :D


  1. Oh, who wants an ordinary garden anyway? You're versatile -- and speaking of which, there's a Versatile Blogger Award for you over at my blog (June 6th post)!

  2. I am going to find some of those black god as my witness I will!

  3. Lol - I wonder what my choices say about me... I bought a "chocolate" mint plant, and a brown pepper also called..."chocolate." Hmmm... Wish I'd found the black one though - cool!

  4. So beautiful!!! I'm striving for a black garden too =) I have: black calla lilies, black pearl pepper plants, mini black elephant ears and some thing called "dark angel". I LOVE your choice of roses!!!

  5. Wonderful picks! Love the peppers! :0)

  6. Remember the boxed chocs called Black Magic? Much more edible than roses. People eat roses after they watch those silly gastro-porn cooking shows. "Oh yes, just dip it in egg white and icing sugar...ho, ho!"

    Sorry, rambled there. Nice fruit 'n veg, well done etc, etc,


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