Thursday, June 3, 2010

I was going to

call the vendor that does the plaque printing for both my work and the Davis Graveyard and give him a (in jest) piece of my (admittedly rather small) mind because our plaques for the awards I ordered 3 weeks ago were not done.

I call, no answer, just his voice mail....hummmmm, never got that before. That is odd.

Don't want to be funny on an answering machine, cause we all know how that could easily be misunderstood :) I leave him a short message asking if he has gotten a chance to work on my order and to give me a call.

I then get distracted with the West Coast Haunters Convention.

Before I go I remember that he has not called me and now I am getting a bit irritated and give him another call. I was going to say - forget the order, I will find another person...when I find that I cannot leave a message because his mailbox is full......

....irritation suddenly turns to concern. The guy in question is a retired and works out of his house not too far from our neighborhood....I worry a bit knowing how old he is I think that maybe something might have happened to him. :(

(I have an overactive imagination . . . I know, huge suprise :D )

I suddenly feel very bad about the thoughts I was thinking and breathe a sigh of relief that I did not leave a unhappy message on the machine....if something awful had happened...can you imagine his family listening to the messages and hearing a crazy lady wondering where the heck her stuff was.

Can't spend more time on this - Shellhawk is arriving for the convention in a few days. I put the box of awards under my desk. Out of sight, out of mind.

When I get back, I have an email from one of the winners asking where his award is.

Funny side note here. Husband works from home and usually answers most of the emails that come to the Graveyard....except ones like this. If you write to complain or ask that we make you something....he leaves those for me. Thanks husband :D

I feel really bad and send him an email apologizing and telling him that I am having a problem with the vendor and I will get something worked out ASAP. Feel bad about the whole thing and don't blame him if he thinks....who are these Davis Graveyard losers? :D

I am now thinking that I need to find a new vendor - which will slow things down more and also wonder what did happen to my plaque guy. Before I give it up I will give him one more call...... can imagine my relief when he answers the phone!

He tells me that he has been really busy and had some problems with his phone, but he will get working on them for me right away.

Relieved that my concerns were for not, I tell him that is fine and I understand how these things go. If he can get to them by Friday that will work for me.

So although the award winners may be a bit unhappy . . . . . I am delighted that Andy is doing fine and still making plaques out of his basement. Life is good.

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  1. I remember how concerned you were when I was there; I'm glad the old guy is doing fine!

    P.S. I know my thank you note should have arrived by now, but I'm a big fat loser and keep forgetting to write it. I suck.


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