Tuesday, June 8, 2010

It is good to

find someone as crazy as yourself. Just to let you know that you are not alone on the planet and those other normal people are really missing out on having friends like ShellHawk. :)

We (husband and I) got the great privilege of hosting Shell when she came up for the West Coast Haunters Convention. (I know this post is really late.) Let me tell you a secret.....she is just as cool in person as she is on her blog...actually, even cooler, if that is possible :D

We started the weekend having way too much wine at our favorite wine bar Wine:30 in our little downtown Milwaukie, then we gave her a quick tour around the house and headed off to bed so we could get going to the convention Friday morning.

Since husband had to work, Shell and I braved it alone on Friday. Yeah, that has trouble written all over it.

BTW - this woman knows how to present herself at a convention....wow, never felt so plain before . . . . wait, yes, I have, every time I hang around my friend Macy....but that is another story :D She has "uniforms" as she calls them, yeah, girl, I wore "uniforms" when I was in school, those are not uniforms....those outfits are fantastic!!!

We got down and found the Hauntcast booth and let me tell you, she can really set up a vendor booth, Chris - you were done proud by the lady, the Hauntcast and Chateau Grrrrr (also friends of the Graveyard) had the best looking booths in the show. Side by side, they made the rest of the vendors look very sad :D

I also got the pleasure of meeting Chris Aype personally....he is trouble, let me tell you....nothing but trouble. (And you all know how I like trouble :D )

If things did not already look good enough.....Guy from House Bloodthorn arrived with his very cool reaper prop and some mood lighting and make Hauntcast the booth to see. After the show on Friday we headed out and went to dinner with Shelly and got to learn that we are really scary alike.....I think husband was worried and very relieved that we lived so far apart from each other.

Can you imagine us working together???!!! Hee, when husband reads this he will be saying "no way" in his head....I know he will. :)

She was also very gracious in helping me set up an impromptu party at the Graveyard on Saturday. We met up with some old friends, new friends and vendor friends. We had the heater and fire going trying to keep warm (love Oregon in May)watched some of the home haunt DVDs and had drinks and good conversation....she even stayed up and cleared up a bit after we headed off to bed. How sweet is that!

She changed her plans and stayed at the Graveyard one more night (she was going to stay with Guy, but her stuff was already with us....so it was just easier is she stayed put.) She let me keep her up sharing one of my favorite BBC sitcoms Black Books....I am sure if she was not so sleepy she would have like it more. :D I need to send her a copy.

We traded wine from our favorite local wineries and I purchased some of her lovely pumpkins and gave her a collection of Davis Graveyard swag and said goodnight. She was gone before we got up....she was sweet enough to send me a text that she made it safe and sound. I kinda miss hanging with her :(


  1. Awwwwwwwww. You are SO going to make my head swell!

    I was thinking about you a bunch yesterday, and thinking I owe you a phone call really soon!

    You and Jeff were such fabulous hosts-so much so that if you come down my way, I'm certain I won't be able to measure up!
    Oh, well. Maybe if we drag you guys out wine-tasting, you'll be too drunk to notice!
    Hugs to you both!

  2. Sounds like you lot had a fantastic time :)

  3. I agree, she was was a blast to hang out with and definately knows how to put a fantastic outfit together!


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