Thursday, June 24, 2010

So not only

is the Frog Queen sick....but her kitties are not doing so well. :(

My "kittens" yes, I know they are almost 3 years old....but they are younger than details.....they had to have some major dental work, looks like a genetic problem .....poor things.

Anyway....I have a big tuxedo cat (Mason 16 lbs) and his very small sister (Dorie 8 lbs) wandering around the house bumping into walls, falling asleep randomly and looking pathetic because they are on major pain medication for a few days.

Normally, when my cats fall down the stairs it is funny. I chuckle (after I check for broken bones), likely they were chasing something and then tumbled down in their cute adorable way and look at you like

"What? I so meant to do that."

Now they trip down the stairs and look at you like.....

"Was I at the top of the stairs a moment ago?

(they blink with glassy eyes.....)

Where there always stairs there?.....

.....Really? What evil force created those?

Do I live here?

....I think I am hungry, can you feed me some food out of the can?........because.....what teeth I have left hurt so I could not possibly eat that dry crunchy stuff...


...I think I need to nap....right now....right here.......zzzzzzzz......"

Because the frog queen is an evil person.....on the inside.....I am laughing ....I just feel really, really, really guilty :D

Like I say...everyday I get up polish that halo, and balance it nicely on top of my horns and get on with the day......


A few of you look surprised! You guys crack me up!!! :D


  1. Lol! Poor kitties. Oddly enough, my cat also needs dental work, likely later this summer. Now you've got me looking forward to the effects :D

  2. Poor strung out kitties. Soon they'll be brushing up against your legs - and the legs of strangers - mewing for oxycontin.

    Seriously though, I hope they recover soon :)

  3. I still call my two year-old cats "the kittens." Poor babes - I hope the tooth thing gets taken care of soon!

    Hope you are feeling better too!

  4. Poor little kitties, I hope their theefs get fixed soon.

  5. Aw, poor babies! ( snicker, snicker, snicker). It must be terrible for them. (giggle, giggle) It wouldn't be so funny if they would just lie down and sleep it off like a dog. But noooo, cats must be rulers!


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