Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Husband and I have to say

that we are nothing but impressed with Zach and Jeremy aka The Bloodshed Brothers.

We followed them on line and were impressed on how great they could make cardboard look (we mean that as a compliment!) in their yard haunt. The amount of work the two of them put into their display is more than admirable. We are quite impressed.

Then one day I finally got to reading more about their haunt and found they were located in Temecula California. Means nothing to most of you, but it seriously made husband and I laugh. Why? Temecula is very close to where we used to live in California when we worked on our haunt over 20 years ago.

Must be something going on down their that fosters haunters....maybe something in the avocados! :) (Temecula used to be mostly avocado groves when we lived there....now they have wine....great, after I leave they make wine. I mean I like avocados and all but, wine is better. Life is not fair.)

We stopped laughing and started crying when we realized that they were not even born when we were haunting.....yes, I am old, damn, when did that happen!!!

So I contacted them on facebook and did a bit of chatting about our favorite subject, Halloween, and was delighted to learn that they were coming up for the West Coast Haunters Convention!! Woohoo!!!

We met them at the convention and I have to say they are the coolest guys...and really charming, and funny and seriously dedicated to haunting. What is not to like. I even got the chance to introduce them to Brian and Nick Wolfe......famous haunter twins....meet the soon to be famous haunt twins :D

We invited them up to the Graveyard for a party with some of the convention attendees and they brought me a bottle of champagne......how cool is that. I mention that I like champagne and they brought me some....and they are thoughtful too. Man, their parents must be proud :)

They brought their photo albums and showed their pictures to everyone. We were all impressed on how creative they are. We had a great time visiting and I sent them on their way with a few foam skulls - cause no one leaves the graveyard empty handed :D

I have been following them on facebook and noticed last week that they started video blogging...so fun. The two about the garage sales are my personal favorites.

I guess you have guessed that we are fans, big time. We think they are haunters to watch, so do yourself a favor and subscribe to their YouTube channel (the Blood Vblog), facebook page and check out their site. You gotta love anyone that loves Halloween this much.


  1. You guys are the ones that rock! Thank you so much for all the kind words. :)

  2. I miss the smaller gatherings like that. It's the best way to meet haunters I think.

  3. Great post. I'll check out their pages.

  4. I'm signed up and ready to see their stuff this year!


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