Thursday, September 9, 2010

As usual

I do not know what I am doing so this is going to suck.

But for better or worse, I have finally got up our Etsy store.
As of today I have most of the tombstone accents up and about half of the epitaphs.  I still need to take pictures of all the cement skulls, but it started raining I gotta set a place up in the house.

And I have been a little distracted with other projects.

The fourth section of the store will be the Frog Queen follies....just some of the items that I Halloweenify or make.  Don't look for anything in there until late next week.

So if you are looking for accents for your tombstones like we use in our display or you need an epitaph designed and printed.  Head on over there and take a look.

Now, back to prop building!!


  1. "Great Success!" in a bad Borat voice.

  2. Are you going to put any of the skull candle holders in there? Those are the bomb! Congrats on your new store. I find Etsy a very confusing, fast paced market where shipping costs drive me insane and re-listing frequently seems to help, but I never have the time to do it. Maybe one day I'll get a better handle on it. Today Etsy...tomorrow, Target and Halloween Superstores for you! :o)


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