Friday, September 24, 2010

Two things to tell you

First.....what are you doing here!!! The new Hauntcast is out.  Go download it now!  NOW I tell you! :)

And second.  I really need someone to make me one of these.  Would this not be awesome in my office?

Actually, as much as I like the frog....the Easter Bunny is classic! 

Thanks to Haunted Design House for the link!  Check out Slightly Warped for more pictures

Okay, that was it.  Go back to prop making!!  What, did you think I was going to show you pictures of inside the Nightmare Factory?!?! 

Maybe.....if you're nice :D


  1. 1) Save the animals! This is the way to learn disection.

    2) Collectively, we've been nice. Very very very nice...and deserving. Pleeease toss some Nightmare Factory bones our way. Pretty please?

  2. I love these. They are cute and terrible at the same time.

  3. Ha! When I first started my job and did autopsies in the morgue, I had that same pic up in my office space. You just brought back a ton of old memories. I'd disembowel folks and then surf the net with that crazy frog hanging on my door. I actually am a really tame and sane person I promise:)


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