Wednesday, September 8, 2010

This could not have happened

to a nicer guy.  Jeff and I are really honored to be part of the Nightmare Factory makeover.  We had never met Ed before this May, we had heard of him from other haunt friends and all the word was how great of a guy he is and how fun the haunt is.  It was a blast to meet him and all the great kids and see the haunt this May.

We where very excited when we got the call to help.  We know how hard Ed has been working on the pouring the floor to get ready from his facebook posts.  We have wanted to help but nothing worked with our schedule since we were working on our own haunt, so when this came up we kinda felt it was meant to happen.

We joked on the phone with Tattoo that that was our "free" (well, in a rough sense) weekend so it worked out perfectly. 

Well, at least that is how it started.

Then mid last week the vendor that was sending preformed cinder block panels fell through.  They asked us if we could help them out.  Of course we said yes....but then the bigger problem was finding 116 sheets of 1 inch pink foam.  After a lot of back and forth calls, husband finally tracks it down.  In Salem, which is great, expect for we need it in Portland. :)

So what seems like an easy task turns into an adventure with a contractor delivering the foam to our house at about 10pm (much to the dislike of our neighbors) - but we cannot tell them what we are we have to just smile and hope they don't call the cops :D

This is where the whirlwind starts.  We call everyone we know that has worked with us on our props to come help us texture 116 pieces of pink foam on their Labor Day weekend holiday.

You know your friends love you when they give up their whole weekend to work on another project.

Like I said all weekend, we are doing it for the kids (I promise not to post the Robbie Williams video here this time when I worked on the Dorenbecher Children's Hospital project. :D)

We even had friends that brought their family that were visiting from out of town over to help!  Yes, it was a sea of pink foam.

It is down in Salem now, they are having a bit of trouble lining up the panels since they were all created seperately and the only ones they could find had tougue and grove, so that is going to be an issue on the corners.  We are going to do what we can to make it work. 

So if you don't hear from me for a while....I am like buried under a pile of pink foam panels in Salem.  Tired and stressed....but very happy to be doing something so cool!

Wish us luck!

Then, this weekend we will be working on the project we originally signed up to do :)  It is very, very exciting.


  1. Do they need any more help this week? I feel bad living here and not knowing about it.

  2. YAY! Couldn't happen to a nicer group of folks!
    You and Jeff and the gang are surely racking up HUGE good karma points!

  3. This is awesome, and while I think it's cool you're helping out I am secretly glad I live on the other side of the country. Heh.


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