Thursday, September 2, 2010

So, can I get that in black?

Well, apparently you can!  It looks like spray foam comes in black.  Beckett (and a few other companies) make it for sealing ponds.  (A little spendy, but a small price to pay for keeping your skin.  Cause if you get Great Stuff on never comes off....without a sacrifice :D )

Thanks to my friend Andy for finding this for me!

Not that I use the stuff much....but I thought I would share it with you fellow haunters.

Now if they would just make Styrofoam in black.  Yes, that is what the Frog Queen wants for Christmas, black foam!!


  1. Good to know, I use it to fill my heads. And yes please! to black styrofoam and foam board.

  2. There is a brand called Touch n' Foam
    they make a black spray foam for landscaping and is fairly cheap. I've used it in the past and is pretty good.

  3. Let's just have them make everything in black, it's the best color! Oh I know, it's not a color, it's the absence of all light...whatever, it's still my favorite.

  4. Thanks Dave! I knew I was late to the party on this one. :)

    You are right, much better pricing. Thanks!

    William - I totally agree :)


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