Friday, September 17, 2010

We used to have parrots

so I find this really funny.

When we got them, they could talk.  So we could of and should of taught them to say "kitty is a stupid-head" :)

About a year later, all they did was "meow".

Damn cats taught them that while we were at work.  Cats are evil.

And we all know how much I like evil. :D


  1. I use to have African Greys and one of them scared the hell out of my 'then' husband. The husband was downstairs playing a computer game, at 2am, and I was asleep upstairs. Harry's cage was covered with a sheet and while the hubby was sitting there in a stone quiet house, he heard from behind him in a whispered males voice " ya doin?" He said he about dirtied himself, but slowly turned around to see Harry peaking through a hole he had chewed in the sheet.

  2. Meowing birds...that is toatlly something I would expect in your household! :)You have alwasy had the best cats!

  3. Kimbooly - that is the funniest and creepiest story I have ever heard :D Birds are evil too!

    My parrots used to get on the top run of their cage when the cats came by and then drop to the bottom and make a loud "thunk" to scare was a fun little battle to entertian and amuse. :)


  4. Hmmm, that looks a lot like my cat! It also looks like something she would do and say.


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