Monday, August 1, 2011

I found the missing ingredient!

I have several spells that I cannot finish because I have been missing "petrified zombie brains".  I did not think they would be that hard to find.  But now I know the reason.....the label is pink and there is a pink flower on the chain....I am missing the "girly" gene, that being the case, pink burns my eyes, so I have to look away quickly.

If you want to hide it from the frog queen....wrap it in pink.  I will never touch it :D

This lovely piece can be purchased on eBay click here. (Hurry auction ends in a few days....and did I mention it is in the UK?  All is well, appears she ships to the US!)

Looks like she has all kinds of cute and clever "potions" on her ebay store The Purple Gerbil.


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