Thursday, August 25, 2011

There is a reason we test fit

the panels on to the frame

Bottom arch made from two panels with a top piece from an additional panel mounted horizontally

So we can see that we might need to do some trimming down of the frame :)

We can fix that by adding a bit of molding or a column facade
Wow, did we measure that wrong or what?! This one on the other hand is going to require something special.
What if we.....I don't think so....

Inside the abbey view....we are going to paint everything black

Starting to get the idea of what one of the walls will look like.

We are finishing up the rest of the panels this weekend.  Then we can paint them and start creating the trim pieces to build up the flat many days until October 1? :D


  1. Boy oh boy! I applaud all the work you and your minions have done thus far! I am only working on small props and I feel the pressure but hey we are haunters..nothing like pushing ahead up until that very last moment making sure everything is just right! It's looking great!

  2. Frog Queen, I am constantly amazed by your efforts....
    You are among my blogging heroes.

  3. Ah, the dry fit. Measure twice, cut once am I right? This is so amazing, y'all look like you're having the most fun. Isn't building exciting? I wish I lived closer, I'd talk you into letting me help!


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