Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Reminds me of the early days

when Davis Graveyard was not even a dream......we were in Southern California with some friends making a haunted house out of their house.  Back then I had not idea of the life I would have today.

Why we here frog queen?  I ordered a live CD from one of my favorite bands Crowded House (big fan of anything "Finn" - both Neil and Tim).  One of the live tracks was "Tombstone" - a song I had not heard in ages.  The reason it reminds me of Halloween is that this album (yes, I mean vinyl) came out about the time we were working on their haunt back in California.  I had it playing in the back of my head constantly.

So hearing it again immediately took me back - in an instant. Maybe it is just nostalgic...but my pumpkin shaped heart is smiling right now.

Featured his brother (Tim Finn) a while back with a video for the song "Death of a Popular Song" - which has a really low budget graveyard background....and zombie.  So I can forgive just about anything as long as there are zombies!


  1. Music is entwined with memories good and bad. Good memories of a spooky yesterday sounds lovely.

  2. Interesting to learn some Frog Queen history....
    I'd never heard that song before, and yet I'm finding it oddly nostalgic.


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