Friday, August 5, 2011

The secret is out

HAuNTcon will be in Pittsburgh next year! (Woohoo!! We are headed to Monroeville!!)

That was the secret that I knew but could not tell you.  But as of last is official.  More details to come!

Looking forward to seeing my east coast haunt friends!!


  1. Me like the sounds of that :)

  2. Pittsburg?!?! Holy moly, this Cowboy has to go into Steeler territory?! Oh man, that could be dangerous!

  3. Dawn - you crack me up! Come will be fun. I really want to dress up as a zombie and shuffle through the mall!!!

    Jay - I missed the conference call last night so I do not know what haunts are on the preshow. But I will post as soon as I know. There are a lot of cool place up there....really looking forward to it!


  4. Dawn, you have nothing to worry about. Now as for us Browns fans...

    Can't wait! I'm there for sure!!


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