Thursday, August 11, 2011

So you will always have a ghost

when you need one.  Check out this silly - but really cool key chain.

This one doesn’t do much though. Ok, it’s got two bright blinking blue LED eyes and an ‘ooohing’ sound that’s “like it’s been sampled from an 1980s horror film”. But it looks quite cool in all its Pac-Man ghost simplicity.
The Oooooh Ghost LED Keyring is yours for £3 (about $6 USD).

I am currently sporting an Eddie Izzard key chain, make when I finally lose that one....this will be the replacement.


  1. I got two of these at K-mart a few years ago. I have fun annoying people with them....

  2. It doesn't need to do more. It's just a really cool kei chain.

  3. I still have a laughing Dracula key chain that I bought 2 years ago at the dollar store. I often trigger it by mistake, and it is still fun to see the people reaction.

  4. This cracks me up! I was going to do a video of this a while back but forgot. I, of course, have one of these silly ghosts and I love it. I'm easily amused! :D


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