Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Remember being a kid

...and being the "odd" one because you liked monsters and creepy things....in my case as a girl, in private school dressed in my cute uniform....it seemed even more weird that I loved Frankenstein and Wolfman :D

Well if you have kids (or like me are a kid at heart) check out this cool site that I found via one of my favorite bloggers in the whole wide blogging world, The Drunken Severed Head (Max), turned me on to, it is called The Strange Kids Club.

Right now they are having their first

1st Annual SKC Halloween Costume Contest

The weather may still be hot outside, but Halloween will be upon us before you know it which can only mean one thing… HOMEMADE COSTUMES!

To celebrate Strange Kids Club is kicking off our very first Halloween Costume Contest, but we need YOU to make it happen. This is your chance to dress up like your favorite monster, ghoul, creep, or superhero for a chance to win some awesome prizes!
Now....back to prop building!!


  1. Hmm...I might actually try for this. Are you going to dress up and enter the contest?

  2. I was that weird kid. I always loved sinister things and violence. But then again I think many children do. I gave nightmares to my niece when she askedéchallenged me to tell her scary stories. I told her the Legend of Saint Nicolas, then the Changeling, then Rose Latulippe... She woke up next morning, telling my future wife (then fiancée) that she had terrible nightmares, but she wanted to hear more.

  3. Justine - this abbey project is taking all my time. Not sure I can can participate. But I will send it out to my Halloween party list - they have some amazing costumes!


  4. That's a fun site. Thanks Chris!

    hmm....might just have to whip something up for the costume contest...

  5. This sounds great. I spend so much time on the kids and my costume every year it would be cool to enter a contest for it.


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