Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Prop building with garden tools

we have been texturing foam for years.....we have used just about anything that will "dent/destory" foam that you can imagine....and I a few I hope that you never imagine :D

Yes...I really hope you never, ever do :D

Let me just say - just in case you were thinking.....maybe I should try...... If you think it might kill or harm you...don't, just don't.

Trust me.

Where was I?  Oh, yeah, garden tools.

We have three or four different types of stone that we are trying to create in the abbey - large stones and the bottom and smaller stones as you get to the top....we have pictures of an abbey build this way - so we are going with it.  That and it gives us a chance to try differnent styles.....and it looks cool!

So the bottom has to be large stones.....large stones that do not look like the larger stones above it, just larger....they need to look like a different type of stone, that said, we need a different techinque.

And like I said, we will try just about anything :D

Including a garden rake.

Yes, a garden rake.  I wish I could take credit for this stroke of genius....or insanity, sometimes they look sooooo much alike :D

Anyway - we are texturing the large foundation stones with a garden rake.

No, really, would I make that up? :D

Here is proof!

You just whack the hell out of the foam and it makes large pitted pieces in the foam....looks pretty cool actually.

You will have to trust me cause it is hard to see in this picture.

But it is cool......and boy does it give you an upper body workout!

...hum....I am going to make a prop building exercise DVD!!  

I am brilliant!  But not as brilliant as Toph who came up with the idea!  Thanks man, that was cool......really cool....but you know what is cooler?

The tool Dan made for the smaller areas that need the same pattern (where the rake was too large to use) - now that.....that is scary cool.  Really not kidding there. 

It is really scary.

So scary that the original was destroyed by husband cause he thought someone would hurt them selves. that ever happens around here :D

So Dan made a new one, it is quite you wanna see it, don't you?

Maybe......if you're nice :D


  1. My mind is working overtime now imagining all the various "implements" that you might have used over the years . . . . yowza!

  2. That is a great technique! What a mess of foam shavings though! How do ya'll clean that up?
    Looking wonderful as always!!!

  3. I am totally in favor of a Prop Building Exercise DVD (as long as I don't have be in it!), really, it is the best workout out I get all week!


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