Monday, February 1, 2010

I will use any excuse

to light the skull candles on the patio :) And tonight is the perfect time to light the darkness with skull candles.

....don't you wish you were spending Imbolc at the Graveyard? Oh and I made some yummy potato soup.

Awfully traditional for the frog queen.....but sometimes traditional is good. Makes me smile.

Happy Imbolc everyone!


  1. that is so cool!
    happy imbolc blessings

  2. If I had skull candles on my back porch, I'd keep them lit constantly.

  3. Nice! And I love potato soup! :)

  4. How awesome! And potato soup remains one of my favorites!

    There are a lot of good things that can be said for Tradition. It bring stability and comfort, it has history, and dept of meaning.

    While some changes are nice, and some are for the best, keeping some traditions are for the best too. I'm happy that you have some to enjoy!

  5. Happy Ground Hog Day, which seems to have come from Imbolc.

    Man, I learned something new on the Internet, I better go watch TV and erase it before it sticks.

  6. So the candles of Candlemas are symbolic of Imbolc!
    That is so cool, and here I thought it was just about prognosticating prairie dogs.

  7. Love it! It is a fire festival - so why not?!


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