Friday, February 5, 2010

The only reason that I

would watch the super bowl (yes, I know I purposefully did not capitalize to truly convey my complete lack of enthusiasm for the whole thing.)

One of the commercials for Dockers will be using my favorite Ren Faire/Novelty group the Poxy Boggards. They are hysterical, their tag line is a "drinking group with a singing problem".

Not for the faint of heart - a good portion of their songs are hard R/X rated/and are heavily centered around drinking - so if you click these links make sure you are not at work or and your kids are not around. I will not even play some of their stuff at my Halloween party - not good for mixed company - I mean husband's dad is there!

Seriously, don't even for a moment kid yourselves that "oh, my kids can handle this" - no, no they cannot, and that is brought to point by a very funny song that they start their Ren Faire shows* with a song called "A Warning" aka We say F*ck! (A lot, and that is not even close to the worst of it! - if you are an uptight female, don't even bother, you will be offended...... several times - that said, why are you reading my blog...have I not driven you all off yet?! :D )

That, of course, is not the song that Dockers will be using....they are using a very funny song called "I Wear No Pants" - the song is quite simple, made up of several verses that are the same lines just in several "languages" or something resembling other languages......some of those words sound a bit suspicious to me :D

Their CDs have been the soundtrack for prop building and drinking at the Graveyard for years. I get giddy each time they release a new CD - positively giddy!!! Husband and I have corrupted a lot of people (I mean turned people on to) with their music....I even remember a friend of mine getting their catalog for someone as a wedding present. Is she not awesome!?

So imagine my utter excitement when that same friend (Babbling Banshee) sent me a link to a music video of that song with news that it would be used during the Super Bowl!!! WooHoo....had to email my other friend Jason (Yamfu) immediately.

Here is a link to their other videos

Not all of their songs are naughty, they actually do great versions of many classic sea shanties and drinking songs. Their versions of The Grey Funnel Line, Whiskey Your the Devil, Rolling Down to Old Maui, and Finnegan's Wake are all tradition songs delivered perfectly with love and dedication. As fun as they are to listen to - their live show is a party - I would go so far as to call it life changing :D

If you at all think you are going to want them....I would order them now...I imagine by Monday, they will be almost impossible to get.

Oh, and no, I am not watching the Super Bowl, I am doing what I do every year and watch the ads on YouTube!

*yes, frog queen goes to Ren Faires.....grew up in Southern California.....big one down there. We still travel to them from time to time....I know, really, it is any excuse for me to put on a corset and cinch it up so that my boobs are touching my chin and I cannot breath, drink lots of mead, and talk dirty to complete strangers! All in fun, I take husband with me. He is big guy at 6'2" with long blonde hair and a claymore strapped to his one bothers me :)


  1. What's a super bowl?


    It's weekends like these that I'm glad there are no pro-sports fans in my house. Although it appears that Dockers commercial would be entertaining. :)

  2. okay, well I just watched this (Sat. morning) and I must thank you for getting me started off on the right foot! those guys are hilarious--you have corrupted another halloween person...also, had a good laff with the part about you guys going to the ren fairs. great!

  3. I saw a snippet of this on television the other day, and they were describing them as Monty Python-esct. Now I loved Monty Python, and I can see where a reverent comparison could be made, but these guys are much better singers!

    I love a good sense of humor, and to combine it in song is priceless!

    Thanks so much for sharing the background of these guys. I see some new CD's on the horizon.

  4. Grew up and went to the original Faire in So. Cal- the one in Agoura at Paramount Ranch. Those were the days! I loved the ever-roving adult party! Pre-AIDS, pre-politically correct, pre-family friendly.
    Pre-Rennaissance Faire and Tractor Pull, where they feature bumper stickers and t-shirts INSIDE the Faire.
    Yes, I AM bitter, thanks for asking!

  5. OMG, that is too funny! Thanks for sharing.

  6. Something about wearing no pants now entrenched in my head. >.> Crazy lady. They are "quite" interesting. I've added them to my list. Thanks!

  7. ShellHawk, we were at the same faire!! It was the end of an era when they shut down the Augora location....San Bernadino? (not sure where it is these days) Big open, dusty place - yuk! Never was the we started traveling to Nor Cal. Fruitvale much more like the old times....and so, we can be bitter together.


  8. For a super-bowl movement, watch these ads from the last 38 years.

  9. Non porto pantaloni. It's always playing in my head.


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