Thursday, February 4, 2010

Some days you can't win

and other days you do :)

So at work we got a couple of cool awards for our fantastic Marketing schemes! Woohoo! Yes, our marketing team is just that good :) They are now in the box in the back with the other awards....really, you think I would move the frogs out of the way to make room for the awards? Think again my friends, think again. :D

So, when you win a bunch of awards from the outside world, the powers that be here on the inside think that I should be getting one of those "you are doing a great job" type awards. Oooooh, shinny!

These awards all have names...or reasons why the person gets the award. My award* was titled "resisting generic" - The whole room about busted up in laughter. Believe it or not (I know this is a stretch) but the frog queen has a reputation for being a bit unconventional :D Everyone thought it was perfect....except for maybe my boss :) I think she feels I "resist generic" a bit too much for her taste :D

I am famous for rolling my eyes at any sentence that starts... "Well, the competition is doing this, so we should do ..."

My overly passionate response is usually. . . . "How about we do NOTHING like that, seriously people, be original...if you can't do that, at least do better." Which I quickly follow with saying...."Oops, did I say that out loud?"

I do not want to spend my marketing money fitting in with the crowd....I want to be the one the crowd is following behind :) I admit, it is a bit dangerous out there, I have "taken one for the team" a few times, but I am the first to jump up, dust off and admit that maybe that was not the best idea.....and tell you what we are going to do next! Marketing is kinda fun that way!

And at the same meeting one of my fellow co-workers, and oddly the only other person in the department that day, also got an award....oh yes, marketing rocks!

Later my husband emails me to tell me that we got our Home Haunters Award in the mail. Inspired by the good karma coming my way and feeling a bit bold.....I adjusted the sign outside the department. I only kept it up for the day....since not everyone here shares my sense of humor....

* The award is a silver star thing....kinda heavy. I call it my ninja star. I have always wanted a ninja star!

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  1. cool! the last time I got an award was at a star trek convention... we won best of show, and funniest... all because I got my heel caught on my dress and couldn't get up!


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