Thursday, February 25, 2010

I was waiting until

we actually told Leonard (which we did last night) that we were not going before I told the world that this year Husband and I are skipping Hauntcon.....and almost all the other conventions (we were going to try to visit Midwest Haunters Convention this year and we had scheduled to visit Rocky Mountain Haunters again.)

What? Is the frog queen getting out of haunting?

LOL! No, we actually have a good least we think it is a good reason.

We are going back to the UK for three weeks! Leaving right after we take the yard down the first weekend in November.

So all my money and vacation time are going to that trip in November. The plan so far is to spend a few days in Edinburgh (my home someday) and then on to the west coast of Scotland (over by Glasgow) for a week in a castle called Castle Law, then after that we are down to Cornwall (around Penzance) and a few days in Bath (another beautiful city that we both love) before we fly home.

While we are there I will go on as many ghost tours as I can, visit every cemetery I see and visit the Witchcraft Museum (largest in the world) is Boscastle Cornwall. (and maybe take a train up to Alton Towers to visit that new ride....maybe.) See I even do Halloween stuff on vacation!

I told you it was a good reason, just not sure Leonard thinks so :D


  1. I am sooooo jealous!!! Can you quickly adopt me? I know I'm 42 and all but...heh.

    Please please please, not like you won't anyway, take as many pictures as you possibly can!!! Give us video whenever possible of the Witch museum and the cemeteries!!
    We must live vicariously through you guys.
    Now I must go tame my Green Eyed Monster... "Down girl, down..."

  2. I'm jealous too, haha! Edinburgh and Glasgow especially... was there in '05 and '07 on tour with Andy Williams, and stayed weeks longer in '07. My ancestral home is Cathcart, just SSE of Glasgow proper, and we visited there in '07. And I could live quite contentedly in Edinburgh, no kidding! AH, love the entire UK! So happy for you, have a blast!

  3. Mike - We both agree, we would move to Scotland in an instant. Glad you have been there, so you completely understand why we are so in love with the area and vist about every three years!

    Kimily - I would be happy to adopt you!!! I plan on video taping the whole witch museum if they will let me!!! :D

    BTW- Edinburgh has the BEST ghost tours! So looking forward to that part!!


  4. oh please, please take me with you! :)

  5. cool...I lived in GB for @ 4+ years...I still miss it terribly...Scotland and all the spectacular castles are simply wonderful! have fun at Alton Towers as well--I've been there on more than one occasion! so jealous--never wanted to leave the british isles...

  6. Omigosh, I'm so happy for you guys!! No one deserves a trip like that more than you do. The next few months will be as fun as the trip with all the planning and *anticipating*.... thats just awesome, Chris... I'm really excited for you!!!

  7. I am so bummed out we aren't able to go this time around. I have been looking forward to it since we started talking about it a few years ago. Darned mandatory Montana Christmas...

  8. Sounds like it's going to be fabulous! Edinburgh is one of my favourite cities.

  9. Be sure to pop into the Necropolis cemetery in Glasgow. I have a soft spot for Scotland. It was the first place I ever wanted to visit overseas.

  10. That's very cool and you're lucky! Those are some places I really want to visit.


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