Monday, February 1, 2010

"So, when exactly are you

going to do the happy dance?" husband asks me on Saturday as we are packing stuff to take to donate.

I hesitate.....What if they won't take it all.....and I have bring it back?

I think about it for a second, I don't want to jinx is important to me.

I look at his truck and the back of my car. both are completely full of stuff we have been accumulating for close to 20 years that are on their way to be donated.

And I say, "as soon as we get back and they have taken everything...every last item."

Returning from the trip I pull into the driveway first, and as husband is pulling into the driveway I hopped out of my car and did a "happy dance".

I see him laughing in the car and hope he is paying attention enough not to drive through the closed garage door :D

It is like a large weight has been lifted off my shoulders. But it did cause another problem. . ..

I found things in the basement.....more things I really need to get rid of. :)

That said, husband has added a few things to our Davis Graveyard products page. I have energy drinks, t-shirts and calendars (and travel mugs will be up there tonight) left over from last season - as well as DVDs for the past few years (we are working on 2009 at the moment, it should be there shortly.)

I am not marking up any items, they are what I paid for them plus what it will cost to ship them (shipping is included in the price). I am only selling what I have in stock - so every item is a "limited edition" :D

I will also be giving away items to some of you that I know will want them....and several things I will give away on the blog....this time I promise to mail them in a timely manner :)

So, here is your opportunity to get some cool Davis Graveyard swag and help the frog queen clean out her basement so I can have some indoor prop making area....and more room for wine :D


  1. Chris - I gave you an award. Yes another one. Check it out when you get a chance:

  2. A happy dance? You didn't even shed a tear? I always leave the donation area wondering if I should have kept so and so. I am such a hoarder.

  3. I think you should post a pic of you doing the happy dance - lol!

    There is nothing better than getting rid of things you no longer need - de-cluttering is very good!


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