Thursday, February 11, 2010

They are baaaack

Yes, the spiders are back on the masthead.

The other day when I was at a of those things that are distracting me from my very important blog :D, and as I am looking at the person speaking, I see it....a small spider is crawling down my bangs onto my face.

(I am screaming like a banshee on the inside!)

I am in a big room full of people so I don't want to jump up and scream and do my spider dance...well, actually, that is exactly what I want to do....but I don't because I really don't want to distract anyone from the meeting so that we can just get it over and done with :D So I just jump a bit and brush the spider off my face.

Afterward at dinner I tell husband what happened.

He laughs and says he was wondering what I was doing over there! Looked like you were going to have a fit or something! :D

Actually I was quite proud of how I handled that, you have no idea the amount of restraint it took not to scream!

Anyway, I have posted this before but it has been a while, and some of you might have missed it. Here is Phil Jupitus (one of my favorite British comedians) doing part one of a three part routine on spiders (thanks YouTube for that 10 minute limit :D)

And, no, I do not think it is insane to board up a room if a Category 1 spider gets away! Seems to be the only logical solution to me, I mean what else do you do? :D

This three part routine is probably one of my favorite comedy routines.....ever!


  1. I am awestruck by your amazing level of self-control. Well-done! :D

  2. I would have done the dance. You are a far stronger woman than I!

  3. Have to tell you this story, my sister was driving me to the movies, and thank goodness we were only going down the road at 25 miles per hour.... when a spider came down from the visor in front of her... AND SHE JUMPED OUT OF THE FREAKING CAR!!!! She was DRIVING!!! Here I am in the passenger set and she's outside of the car running along side of it!!!! I killed the spider, and she jumped back in. could have killed me... and the spider! LOL I will NEVER let her forget that! giggle

  4. I totally missed that clip last time, too funny!

    Every time I see Frog Queen and Spider in the same sentence, I imagine a LOLCat high up i the tree branches screaming "YOOS SPIDERS SCARE ME!!1" =D


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