Friday, February 5, 2010


I found this awesome....and I do mean awesome cake over on the talented Boo Spooky's blog. Her current post is about some stunning cakes - you really need to check it out, they are not to be missed.

But anyway, of course I liked this one.
Zombie noms! Is that not me?! I didn't think I could find anything better than a frog cake....but this is it!

Like I said to her "I want this for my birthday cake!!!"

WANT big time!


  1. Now that's a serious bit of cake art! My compliments to the artist.


  2. Horrific and amazing! I'd get to eat the whole thing my kids wouldn't go near it! :)

  3. That is cake? My stars!! I'm getting used to using paper clay, and this is cake sculpture? I'm in total awe!!

    I know that they use a denser cake than what we are used to eating, but I've always wondered how dense it is. I'd love to see it cut. It can't be too heavy though, or the weight would break it.

    What a fascinating art form, and yes! I can see where this one would have Happy Birthday written across it, just for you! lol

  4. To see the progress pics of the cake you can go here:

  5. Thanks Kimily for letting me share and getting the right links....I have to admit that is something I need to be better at :) Thanks for covering my back!


  6. Mmmm zombie cake, looks delicious. :D

    eat it before it eats you!!!!!

  7. SUPER DUPER yummy KEWL cake!

    I VANT this 4 my birthday cake on Feb. 13th! '-)

    Snowed in CK (-:


  8. Holy hell. That's the scariest cake I've ever seen. I may have nightmares. But I'd still eat it. :)

  9. Wow!!! That is amazing!!! Thank you for sharing with us! :)


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