Friday, February 19, 2010

It is the end

of an era. (Well, sort of.)

Many of you haunters may know this, but for those of you that don't, let me tell you the sad situation that is happening. "Propmaster" Paul Venturella moved to California, into a gated community.....with an neighborhood association with rules and stuff, and we all know what that means....likely no Halloween decorations :(

Not only does Propmaster have one of the most extensive prop sites on the web, he has been haunting his yard in Salt Lake City for years, if you have seen the Haunters DVDs you have seen the camera he has by his front door for his jumping prop that scares the beejeeses out of everyone (we love that, nothing like watching grown men scream to warm your heart!), then he is the driving force behind Rocky Mountain Haunters (husband and I have traveled to Salt Lake to be part of their events) and he is also the creator of all those Haunters Video DVDs -he has been creating them for the last 11 years....for free! Yep, he is a really great guy.

Propmaster has been a guiding force in the haunt community for years, and not just his haunt but the countless many other haunters he has fostered along the way. If you have a question about any prop in his yard, he would explain in detail how it is done and encourage you all the way.....and if you are lucky enough to live in the area, he would be happy to help you make the prop.

Hopefully, like most is in our blood and a change of venue cannot stop the desire to haunt and he will continue to help us fellow haunters through his site and extensive advice and working on the DVDs (otherwise husband and I will have a bit of a panic attack! :D )

A great haunter is the true sense of the word. In honor of his contribution in the community last year we created a new category and award in the Haunters Video Awards called the "Propmaster" award (shaped like a pumpkin, inspired by his website) that will go to someone in the haunt community every year for their long term dedication to home haunters. Here is the video from last year when our friends John and Jon from EFX-TEK presenting the award.

We have known him for years and feel honored to call him our friend.

I can tell you that as I am setting up my yard this year....I will be thinking of him :)

(Mostly, what must it be like to have free time in October and a garage you can park your car in and extra money and a life :D )


  1. Happy he'll maybe a part of Cal Haunts NorCal. Sad that he's in a gated community! Poopies!

  2. Shellhawk, he might I said (hopefully) once a haunter always a haunter :D


  3. We at Rocky Mountain Haunters will miss his "Cat Herding abilities" Thanks Propmaster!

  4. The Propmaster award sounds like an excellent tribute! I hope he'll be happy in his new home.


  5. Boy, am I missing PropMaster already. I asked him if he was going to include the award video on the 2009 DVD set and he said “Not would seem like shameless self promotion.” Can you believe that? How unassuming can you get?

    Anyway, he hear several others and has agreed to include the video if get a copy (I think he may have gotten it by now). However, I am sure that any added pressure to include the video would be beneficial.

    One of the great things about Paul is his support of what others are doing. The support and encouragement he has given me as I have struggled to get Ella (the candy monster) working is just incredible. (Ella is a distant relative of Darth.) I too am honored to call him my friend.

    Dr. Warenskistein.

  6. Dr - I believe husband and I were able to get copy of Brian's video to him for the DVD - he said it was going to be on there.....we will see.

    BTW - did Ella get resurected for 2009? :)



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