Friday, February 12, 2010

That was mean

wasn't it....I only posted the first part...I wonder how many of you went to find the next two :D

Well, for those that didn't here is the next part (my FAVORITE PART)......and yes, I too would sell my house if a Category 2 spider went missing in my house.

"For the love of god please buy m-y h-o-u-s-e-!!....." I just about bust a gut at that part every time I see it!!!!

And for those of you that actually get the Adam and the Ants reference....well, that is just an added bonus!!!

The man is a genius!


  1. I was one that went to find the rest of his monologue. :-)

    My Mom was, and still continues to be so afraid of spiders that she totally freaks out. And growing up, I learned to be just as afraid of them.

    When my kids were born, I was determined not to pass that fear along to them, so when we would be out in the yard and a garden spider would decide to crawl across the back of my hand, I would sit there, and point out her 8 legs, or if she had any color on her. And lo and behold, I lost MY fear of them! Oh, I still will get startled if one were to drop down in front of me, but I'd get startled if any insect or anything else did the same thing. If I encounter one outdoors, I'm in their territory, and we go our own ways. If I find one in the house, and it isn't in my immediate way, I tell it that I'll give it 5 minutes to leave, or else I'll be forced to do something that I'd rather not. .and more times than not, when I come back, the spider is gone. Totally gone!

    Fortunately for me, we live in an area that doesn't have any poisonous spiders. I'm sure I'd be a lot more creeped out if we did.

    And as for my kids? Well 2 out of the three are indifferent towards them. The 3rd? She is worse than her Grammie! She doesn't remember me spending time teaching them about the benefits of spiders, but she does remember her Grammie doing a lot of screeching and fancy dance steps whenever she would see one, so that is what imprinted on her. lol

  2. LOL that was pretty funny! I'll look for more of his routines.


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