Friday, December 17, 2010

2010, the year of the spider

Jeremy over at the iZombie blog (the guy that did the cool treatment to my blog header) posted this question on the Horror Blog Alliance blog.

What are some of the things in the last year that were the best in horror?
It can be a film, music, celebrities, food, blog, that spider crawling on your arm...
as long as it happened in 2010.

I posted my answers......I bet you all can guess what scared me in 2010. :D


  1. My vote goes to the congressional elections....

  2. Pastel green dress? I'd have nightmares too. Almost as bad as the lilac dress I had to wear to my cousin's wedding. I looked like a purple marshmallow. *Shudder*

  3. Did "Republicans canceling Halloween for 2011" make it?! I'll have to click through to find out ;)

  4. Funny how you and I share the same arachnid affliction. I totally knew that would be your scariest moment of '10.


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