Wednesday, December 15, 2010

A closer look

at the tombstones in the West Kilbride Cemetery.

In this one (below)you can see the coast and the isle of Aran in the background.  (I forgot to ask, and I suppose I could look it up....but is that island technically Scotland or Ireland?)

Anyway, back will notice some lovely detail in these tombstones.....just beautiful.

This particular cemetery seemed to have a lot of damaged tombstones....since that abandoned warehouse was only a few yards away, you would think that would be enough entertainment for the local vandals.  Maybe not. 

Or maybe the tombstones were not designed or built well, since I lot of the damaged tombstones look like they have been that way for a while.  Or it could just look that way. Not sure how long it takes to grow moss like that on a tombstone in the UK :)

Oh, or maybe the zombies are knocking them over when they are crawling out of the ground looking for brains!  I like that answer....yeah, that is what it is :D

Anyway, there is something about that look that I have always wanted for our display.  The broken I guess I did find some inspiration here.....or at least more ideas on how to pull off a broken tombstone look.


  1. Time and nature can do a lot of the damage you see, though I suspect even bonnie ol' Alba has its share of idiots who damage stones. Beauty and realizism is in the imperfection for sure.

  2. Arran is a part of Scotland. And there are some seriously cool graveyards on this side of the Atlantic, aren't there.

  3. Ali - Thanks, I thought it might be Scotland. And I did have it spelled right the first time. I thought it was two "rr"s - damn, should always trust your gut :)

    And yes....amazing graveyards!


  4. Wow, that last one with the heavy iron grating must have belonged to a local bigwig. In our local cemeteries, all such fences and gratings have been removed. They make it too hard to mow the grass.

  5. Beautiful. Some things are more beautiful when they are broken.


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