Friday, December 10, 2010

A view (of the Graveyard) from Hal

Okay, after seeing (and I am sorry to all of you non cat people, just skip the video) this, I am so going to put a camera on Hal (at least try to) and film him in the graveyard next October......I bet that will get my blog more hits than anything else I will ever damn cat people are just crazy that way :D

A "Hal" cam!  Why did I not think of this before!!!!

Sssssshhh....don't anyone tell Hal, it is going to be a "surprise" :)

I mean "surprise"in that if he knows what I am up he will fit himself in that spot under the bed that I cannot reach no matter what angle...... :D

Oh, and don't tell Husband, Hal is technically "his" cat and he hates when I play (he calls it torture) with the cats that way. :)

Me, I say they live like kings in our house rent free....a little "entertainment" for the Frog Queen is not too much to ask!

Anyway, between you and me....Hal is becoming a diva :)


  1. Putting a camera on the cat is an excellent idea....
    You should totally do it!

  2. I will definitely watch it....please do it! (apologies to Hal but tell him he could become famous, well, more famous than he already is!)

  3. I've seen another like this before. It is such a great idea to see what they are up to when off on their own. Thanks for sharing.

  4. That's too funny! I look forward to seeing Hal's film someday!


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