Tuesday, December 7, 2010

The show will go on

If you are on the lists, you probably already know that Paul "Propmaster" has officially turned the Haunters Video DVDs over to us. (Davis Graveyard - Jeff and Chris Davis)

Sorry for the late notice on this, but as some of you know where were gone for most of November, so this is the soonest we could work out the details.

Husband and I talked about this a lot and here is our plan and a bit of the reasoning behind our actions.  I would appreciate that anyone that has any questions or assumptions that they want to clarify about this transition ask us directly.  I promise to answer any question on the matter.

As some of you know Paul moved to a gated community that is not Halloween decoration friendly, so his involvement in the that part of the Halloween celebration had changed.  In that light he also decided that he wanted to pass the Haunter DVD process along as well.

Since Husband and I already handle the award side of it, it seemed easiest to move the creation and distribution of the videos to us too.  Yes, that screaming you heard was us.....

After thinking it through we have decided that with the help of many people we are going to keep the DVD set and awards going. 

Why would we do this....would it not be easier to just let it go?

Well, years ago when the crew was working on the haunt and had no idea that there were awards found out and made it our mission to "win an award" - now as shallow as it my seem typed here on the screen....we had a blast - we all worked together and had a great time doing what we love to do....something that we all continue to do.  The goal was fun and entertained us.....even though we only got the runner up award (no not bitter :D) - we had an amazing time.

So I guess I am saying that I am being selfish and doing it for me, hoping that other haunters that spend the hours and hours and hours of their life watching video after video are inspired to create.

That is why I do it. 

I know that there are some that feel with all the blogging and YouTube, this might be a bit pointless.  Maybe.

My own experience, and I in no way assume this for any other person, I find it puts a smile on my face to actually see the videos of the haunts on our TV in our house in all its glory in good resolution :D...well, better than YouTube :D

And I think the crew would agree (not 100% sure....I probably should have checked with them first before I said that :D )

And after our experience with partnering with Haunted Attraction Magazine (and no, I do not know what has happened there....I have not spoken to John in quite a while) and our experience with getting very few of the prizes from our winning the Home Haunters Association award last year we made a choice.

We are keeping this prize and sponsor free.  Also being selfish, because then I do not feel bad if someone does not get a prize from a vendor. 

So, I am going to work with a couple very generous home haunters to get the website revamped, but until then, you can submit your entries at a link on the existing Home Haunters Video Awards page.
 (Judges page)

We are going to keep the prices the same as Propmaster and we are going to keep the award categories the same as well as the awards (from Ghost Ride) for 2010.

I really love watching all the videos and believe the more the merrier.  You haunters create some amazing work and I would love if you would share it with the rest of us.  Please submit your videos and join us in the 2010 Haunters DVD set.....and good luck - if I could I would give all of you an award.

Please share this information if can.  I will work on getting a Facebook and Twitter message out there.

I am sure there are questions, you can post them as comments to this blog or email us at hosts@davisgraveyard.com


  1. Good news!
    I think this could turn into something really cool moving forward.

  2. If you get virus warning, note that we have cleared it up (someone hacked the site) and locked it down. We have asked Norton to review the site again, but we hear that will take a few days.

    New site on the way soon!


  3. Two words...thank you! I grabbed some past years DVD sets for my flights just this last week. Seeing other's work inspires, motivates and keeps the spirit of Halloween alive all year long for me.


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