Wednesday, December 22, 2010

This, dear bloggers, is the internet

(the tag on the gift even said "from the elders of the internet" - coolest gift ever!)

I "got it" at a party last weekend.  I was a white elephant and I knew I needed to have I stole it from my friend....who is still talking to me, thank goodness.

If none of this makes sense to you, and if you visit this blog often, I rarely make sense so you should not be surprised :D

This is a reference from a brilliant UK show called "IT Crowd" - it is probably my favorite scene of the whole series - you have to watch it, it is hysterical. 

BTW - good news for those of you that have seen the show.  We saw an episode of season five while we were in the UK!!! Hoping it comes out on DVD soon!
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  1. I Laughed so hard I am so hunting those down on dvd

  2. Genius. I'd seen the first 3 minutes of that clip but never the follow-up. Genius.

  3. wait wait wait...did the elders of the internet give you permission to show a picture of it?


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