Tuesday, December 14, 2010

So, I originally thought

what kind of insane person design something like a remote control tarantula?  Really is that necessary?!  Seriously.....what is wrong with you....

It started cause I saw one Christmas shopping and since I had lost my phone (again) I did not have my camera on be so I could blog.  No worries I thought I will Google it and I am sure I will find it.

Yes, I did, I wish I had not.

Much to my horror, there is not just one "it".

Would you believe that there are about 5 or 6 different kinds of remote control spiders on the market?!?!

What the f.......

This cannot be real, why?!?!?  One remote control spider was surely enough for the universe to handle.

This is truly a waste of resources on so many levels.

......not to mention that it is frickin' scary as hell!!

First because they exist and second.....that means that there is a possibility that someone, who does not value their life, might get me one as a gift thinking it is funny!

Oh, gawd that would be ....wrong. people just wrong.

Anyway....since I mentioned them....might as a well show them to you..

Uncle Milton Radio Control Tarantula


Radio Control Giant Tarantula

Animal Planet Radio Controlled Black Widow Spider


Okay, that is it.  That is all I can handle.  If you feel like torturing yourself.....google "remote control spider" and take a shot of vodka to calm your nerves.
By the way, if you are wondering what is wrong with the universe? I may have found the answer.....yes, I think I have.


  1. I feel all crawly just reading your post.

  2. heh. I actually bought one for my son a few years ago as a Christmas present. He had seen it in a Target store, and actually requested it. When his mother asked him why he wanted it, he simply replied "to scare sissy and her friends when she has sleepovers". Yup, THAT is the reason these things exist! Never underestimate the demand of younger siblings looking for payback on their sisters!

    On a related note, they also make a remote control snake! The wife actually threatened me with divorce if I purchased one for the boy!

  3. A remote control spider is a brilliant idea....

  4. I have much the same feelings about spiders as you do..and my parents bought my 4 year old the first picture you posted up there. That thing creeps me the heck out and I have been known to screech when he has it run me down. But he love the creepy, evil little thing....

  5. Nice finding. Call me evil, but I see an opportunity to have a good laugh while scaring my wife with one of those :-)


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