Monday, December 13, 2010

A funny thing happened

on the way to the cemetery in West Kilbride.  I ran into this old abandon warehouse....and I had to stop.  Partly because it was interesting and because husband looked at me and said "You are wanting to go up there aren't you?"  More in that question tone where he is saying he would love it if I would answer "no".  Which I did not.
Are you kidding!  Must go.
When I got there first....I walked in and all the pigeons flew out through the holes in the roof.  I was quite a site....but camera was back with husband :)
Anyway, hubby grabbed a few pictures for me.  Like most abandoned places, it is mostly full of trash, empty beer cans, graffiti and bird poop :)

But it was cool.....but not as cool as the graveyard. :)


  1. Is that your first foray into abandoned buildings? Its kind of exhilarating in its own special way, nice photos! Its just too darn cold out right now for any more photo expeditions this year, damn upstate New York anyway!

  2. DerKrampus - now that you mention might be. I cannot remember going into any abandoned buildings myself.

    But I truely love the idea. The whole series I did on abandoned haunted rides was some of the most fun blogging I have ever had!


  3. Wait, you already covered that in your comment lol.. Thats what I get for rushing to post!

  4. That looks very cool. I love those pictures!

  5. I like the photo of you looking out through the window.

  6. I don't think I've ever been to a modern abandoned building either. Luckily though England is full of abandoned castles - they do distract me from cemeteries ;-) Great photos!!


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