Tuesday, December 14, 2010

I have been a lame blogger

and friend lately.  So I put out a general apology to everyone. 

But mostly to my Hauntcast friends.  I have been very late is posting something about the new subscription announcement that happened while I was away.  To me, $12 is more than worth it and while I know I do not speak for everyone, I say that I completely understand the decision, at some point in your life you have to put value on your time.

It is the one thing that any of us has to barter with...it is how we make money, how we enjoy our life.  Your time has value, my time has value......and surely all the wonderful people that create the Hauntcast podcast's time has value....at least a $1 a podcast.....but like I said.  Just speaking for myself.

I already signed up for my subscription, and while I was at it picked up an extra one to give away here on the blog to say "Merry Christmas" (or what every greeting for the season works best for you) and give one away.

I do understand that money it tight for everyone, so every little bit helps, so I am hoping this will help someone to put that extra $12 towards a prop (trust me $12 can build me a couple of tombstones...so I understand the value) or a christmas present for someone special in your life....or just because :)

So since the holidays are really busy, I am going to drag this one out until the 29th of December.   All you have to do is comment on this post and I will get you set up with a 12 podcast (one year) subscription to Hauntcast.

Merry Christmas everyone!


  1. Merry Christmas to you, too!
    [read as: put me in the drawing, please] ;)

  2. Chris and the Team thank you for your continued support! :0)

  3. This is an awesome Christmas gift. Thank you! (Fingers crossed).

  4. Chris - you're not as lame as you think. You've been extremely busy, even if it was a trip out of the country (**green monster/jealousy showing** :) ).

    It's nice that you are still thinking of others. What a nice gift!!

    Happy holidays to you and yours!
    Sandy Love

  5. Ohhhh, enter me! I'll even apologize for telling people to put spiders on your site while you were away! giggle

  6. That is a wonderful Christmas gift. I support entirely the decision of Hauntcast to become a paid-for show. All the scream team work hard to build each episode and it is natural that they get at least a few bucks for it. I have been a bad supporter myself. I took too much time before getting myself a T-Shirt. But, I changed that last week and I am currently wearing it. Long live to Hauntcast. Don't put me in, I took my subscription a few minutes ago. Have a nice evening.

  7. Working on props while listening to the Hauntcast podcasts is a favorite pasttime. Somehow, it makes the garage feel just a little bit more comfortable and homey, like your friends are right there with you. Please count me in on your generous giveaway.

  8. The Home Haunt Industry is extremely lucky to have such Killer people like you Chris, and your hubby Jeff.
    The both of you are the Mr & Mrs Claus of Halloween throughout the year.

    Have a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

    P.S. You are far from being a lame blogger.

  9. Now that is a cool giveaway, and what a great support piece for Hauntcast. You're awesome!!

    And since you are my favorite blogger - you could not have been being "lame", that would mean I have bad taste... and I don't. :D


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