Thursday, December 23, 2010

I completely forgot

to say thanks to our friends that put up our Calvin and Hobbs Christmas display for us while we were on vacation.  We usually do it the weekend after Thanksgiving and husband was a little bummed that we could not do that this year.

Imagine our surprise when we came home to see this in our yard.

Frog Queen (and husband) has the best friends!!

Funny story on this one.  Some of the friends that help us with the Halloween display say they knew our house (long before they knew us) based on this display that we do at Christmas time.  (They did not even know we did anything for Halloween.)

It is funny, if someone does not know us as the "Halloween" house they often know us as the "Calvin & Hobbs" house :D


  1. What a wonderful display for the front yard! I love Calvin and Hobbes.

  2. I am off to the harware store for some MDF and some screws. LOVE Calvin and Hobbes and your display is awesome! My second favorite only to the "Ive blown my head inside out!" bubble gum strip!

  3. Now that's original, using Calvin & Hobbs for your Christmas display! Trust you guys to come up with something different from the usual Santa and snowmen.

    Happy Holidays!

  4. Ha!
    That is an excellent winter display right there.

  5. That's great. I love me some Calvin and Hobbs.

  6. Love that! Wishing you Happy Holidays too!

  7. I love this. One of my favourite C & H scenes. :)


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