Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Another question for the UK

readers.  When I was in Land's End* (Cornwall - I know you know that, but some of the Americans might need a bit of clarification) :D .....when I was at the hotel/bar there I saw these cute little brown birds that look like they were speckled.  I have never seen a bird that almost looked like it was spotted.

I tried to grab a picture but they kept flying away by the time I got my camera.

It appears that the hotel had an aviary for them - so not sure if they are native or part of someones collection.

I have looked through my bird books and online and I have not seen a picture of them.  Does anyone know what they are?  They are about the size of a UK Robin (the robins in the US (at least the west coast) are larger.) And I cannot remember the color of the beak....too distracted by the spots!

And, yes, although we did have at least one beverage in the bar.....I know I saw them.....really I did :D

*Yes, I was being a "tourist" and visiting the Doctor Who exhibit....I am a geek (thought I was a nerd, but someone clarified that for me recently) not proud....but I admit it. :)


  1. Did it look like this?

  2. Or was it a Starling?

    Starlings are popular Avairy birds in the UK.

  3. I bet it was a starling....but the starlings in my yard do not look anything like that :)

    Cool, thanks so much!!


  4. Ohhhhhhh, did you take pics of the Dr. Who exhibit????? Please say you did!!!!!!! I love my Dr.'s!!!!

  5. Judith - did I ever! :D And we even went to Cardiff where a lot of both Doctor Who and Torchwood are filmed.

    That post is coming up - stay tuned!


  6. That's right unfortunately you do not make enough money to be a nerd. You are stuck being a geek like the rest of us...for the time being.


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