Wednesday, October 7, 2009

But we don't have

any children. Is my response to asking us to participate in the Walk or Bike your kids to school day. Oh, the kids would think it is great if you wore your costumes and walked with them to school. Really?

My Halloween costume on at 7:00 am? That is too much cleavage for that hour, definately not family friendly!

How about just the hats?

It is decided, we are walking some kids to school in our graveyard top hats.

So this morning, husband who knows me well, comes upstairs and says, your hat and your jacket are sitting downstairs ready to just have to walk down and put them on.

Huh? What....what are we doing? (I am so not a morning person!)

I manage to make it downstairs, put on the wrong coat ....husband nicely says....weren't you going to wear?.....

Oh yeah, where is that?....he hands it to me. I really have to keep this guy!

We head out the door and meet up with the principal from the school and another volunteer....they put us to work signing the kids in so that their name can be put in a drawing.

Well, some kids love us.....some are going....who are those scary people with skulls on their hats!?!?

We got the opportunity to remind the parents that the open house fundraiser for the dancers is this weekend and that they will be doing the Thriller dance in the graveyard all afternoon.

It was a fun morning...lots of kids and parents came up and talked about the graveyard and thanked us for giving the kids such a great Halloween.

One of the parents came up to us and thanked us. He said he has lived in the neighborhood 20 years (so have we) and he used to get two or three kids a night on he gets hundreds. He said it is great and he appreciated that we have brought the Halloween spirit back to the neighborhood.

Wow, he did not complain about having to buy so much candy....I was kind of expecting that comment, I was pleasantly surprised that he is genuinely happy to have so many trick or treaters!!

Okay, some of my neighbors are pretty cool!!

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  1. A nice post to read. It was great reading how much your Yard Haunt means to your neighbors.


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