Friday, October 30, 2009

Frog queen needs some help

I am sure you all knew that :D

With all the holiday stuff going on any my being sick, husband and I have completely forgot to blog about the

For those of you who don't know what they are, you are missing something. We love getting our set every February and watching every single submission from start to finish. Lots of fun.

So, we are reminding you to please, please, please, take pictures of video of your haunt!!!! Even if you think you cannot put something together, the ultra amazing (and very cool guy) Propmaster will help you get your stuff on the disks.

Husband and I will also be happy to help any haunter that needs help editing their video or working on creating a slide show. Just don't all ask us the week before! :D

Husband and I took over the awards a few years ago when they were in danger of going away. We knew what an inspiration they were to us and could not bare to see them go. (Big thanks to all the volunteer judges from 2008!)

In fact, this year, with the help of our new sponsor, (I will announce that later) we are going to add several new categories and divide up a few existing categories - this should allow for many more winners. We expect to have the website updated by the end of next week.

I know now is the worst time to ask this favor, only do it if you have the time.....but in this case if you can tell other bloggers about the Haunters Video Awards and link them to the website, I would be so grateful!!!


  1. When's the deadline for this? Sometime in February?

  2. Yes, mid February, husband is working on updating the site today.



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