Friday, October 16, 2009

Got moss? (oh yeah!)

I want to send a big thank you out to The Captain and Full Moon Industries for getting the Davis Graveyard a whole lot of moss! (I mean a serious mountain of moss!!) I would have taken a picture of the pile...but I was in a hurry to get it in the yard and running in the house to get the camera seemed a luxury I could not afford at the time :) You are going to have to trust me, it was impressive! :)

The Graveyard looks fantastic....the moss is a perfect touch. More graveyard pictures with the moss adornment coming soon!

You bloggers are the greatest people! Thanks for all your support.

A thank you gift is going in the mail to both of you on Monday.


  1. Glad I could help.
    Stay True~

  2. Our pleasure! It makes us feel like we helped you to be even spookier then you already are.

  3. OMG I have to tell you something!!!

    I saw a promo for Davis Graveyard on Feartober on Fios on demand tonight...VERY cool to see what your display and you guys look like!

    COOL mud men! '-)

    Chris (-:

  4. Ah, thanks....we get more emails about that promo piece...still!!


  5. The moss looks great, did it come with any free red bugs or 'chiggers' in it? Ha! They're known to hang out in the moss here in Florida! :o)

  6. Agreed, moss can turn even the simplistic of graveyards into one of the spookiest.

    It looks great!

  7. You can't have too much moss. Looking forward to more photos :)

  8. And it's really GOOD moss.

    I am jealous.


  9. Wendy, I took great care as to not infect the Davis Graveyard with red bugs. All of the Captain's moss is double sprayed prior to it leaving Florida for Oregon.


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