Friday, October 23, 2009

You know it is

bad when your cleaning person says:

"I noticed that you are usually farther along than you are now for your party you want me to come in for a few hours on Saturday morning?"

Crap! I was trying to tell myself it is not as bad as I think it is!!

Even she's bad, really bad.

I would have taken time off work (or just worked a nice normal 40 hours a week), but there is probably the biggest project of the year for me happening.....about now. I can tell you I was not in the planning meeting when it was put on the calendar!!!

Note to self, don't miss planning meetings!!!
(No, those are not the decorations for my party! Frog queen has not lost her mind yet. I was looking for scary Halloween decorations....and those made me gasp in horror!! What has been seen cannot be unseen...sorry everyone!)

Me stressed? No....not at all.


  1. Oh goodness, I can totally sympathize! My neighbors keep asking, "Don't you have more stuff to put out?" LOL! That's why I'm taking next week off. =)

    You'll pull it together =) It seems that you have collected a wonderful group of minions... I'm sure they won't mind doing a few more favors for you! ;)

  2. You're a pro! You'll pull it all off and make it look like no effort at all. Deep breaths. Make a list. You know what you are doing when it comes to Halloween decorating!

  3. You can do this, you are the best, positive thoughts and deep breaths.

    I just wish I lived closer or had some reason to head over that way.


  4. You know.... you could probably do a pot luck, and everyone would love it anyway! relax! it's supposed to be fun... gigggle

  5. I can so totally empathize... I have been up since 7 am, just finally sat down for the first time, still have a list down an entire spiral notebook page to do within the next 19 hours including sleep....sigh... Dark Wishes for a super successful event!

  6. FQ - stress is the silent killer. Use that energy to get what you need done. I'm sure at the end, this will all be fine. =)


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